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The What
The Foxx Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit dedicated to reducing disparities and improving outcomes in maternal, infant, and reproductive health outcomes and experiences for marginalized communities, including BIPOC, Queer, and low-income communities, by improving access to Licensed Midwifery care, including holistic, out-of-hospital birth, well-person, and reproductive care.

The Why

Midwifery-led care has been repeatedly proven to be successful in both reducing maternal and infant mortality and morbidity, and improving client and family safety, satisfaction, and experience through every aspect of the reproductive, birth, and postpartum journey, particularly for marginalized communities.

The Barrier

Insurance coverage is extremely limited for Licensed Midwife care, as many state and federal barriers exist, preventing the adequate billing of insurance for out-of-hospital care.

The How
Instead, grants, donations, and nonprofit funding is critical to improve and promote access to licensed midwifery care due to this lack of coverage by traditional insurance policies.


The Foxx Foundation has been formed with the goal of providing funding and scholarships to clients seeking care.  

Our mission is to improve access and sustainability to holistic, out-of-hospital birth and wellness care and create a world where everyone can thrive and experience safe and equitable choices in health.

The Need
In order for us to achieve our mission to provide scholarship funding to clients seeking midwifery care and services, we must continue to secure reliable and adequate funding.

We accept direct donations, or through our secure Donate page, including one-time or re-occuring donations.

Additionally, if you are aware of possible grant opportunities that would be beneficial for us to know of and/or apply to for funding, please reach out with information and details.

The Foxx Foundation secures grant and donation funding to provide scholarships for midwifery fees to reduce and/or eliminate out-of-pocket cost to the client.  Thus promoting access to care and equity for all seeking midwifery services.

The Foxx Foundation
with Mind Body Birth Wellness and Birthing Center
Downtown Los Angeles | California


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Your support directly funds care for clients.




One-on-one mentoring sessions, workshops & seminars






“A recent analysis found that a midwife workforce, integrated into health care delivery systems, could provide 80 percent of essential maternal care around the world and potentially avert 41 percent of maternal deaths, 39 percent of neonatal deaths, and 26 percent of stillbirths.”

“Midwives have a long history of providing high-quality, high-touch care to meet both the physiological and psychosocial needs of historically disenfranchised communities.”

“Inequitable Medicaid reimbursement rates and related state laws and regulations limit the adoption of midwives and community-based care models.”

“Private insurance coverage also varies by insurer and state, leading to inequitable access to midwifery care across the United States — a particularly acute problem for those seeking care in community settings. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation found that Black and Hispanic women, who are more likely to be uninsured or enrolled in Medicaid, have limited to no access to midwifery-led care.”

"Fully investing in midwives by 2035 would avert roughly two-thirds of maternal, newborn deaths, and stillbirths, saving 4.3 million lives per year." 

5 May 2021 | Joint News Release | United Nations

“The 2021 State of World’s Midwifery report by UNFPA (the UN sexual and reproductive health agency), WHO (World Health Organization), International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and partners, which evaluates the midwifery workforce and related health resources in 194 countries states that the acute shortage of midwives is exacting a terrible global toll in the form of preventable deaths.

In support, an analysis conducted for this report, published in the Lancet, showed that fully resourcing midwife-delivered care by 2035 could avert 67% of maternal deaths, 64% of newborn deaths and 65% of stillbirths.”

In a 2020 systematic review and meta-analyses of maternal outcomes and birth interventions among women who begin labor intending to give birth at home compared to women of low

obstetrical risk who intend to give birth in hospital, “no maternal deaths were reported among nearly 50,000 women included in the six studies. 

Women in well integrated settings who intended to give birth at home compared with those planning a hospital birth were >40% less likely to give birth by cesarean section; >50% less likely to have an operative vaginal birth; 70%

less likely to use epidural analgesia; 55% less likely to have an episiotomy; >40% less likely to experience a 3rd or 4th degree perineal tear, and >60% less likely to receive oxytocin augmentation of labor.

Adverse maternal outcomes were also less frequent among those intending to give birth at home with: >75% fewer reporting maternal infection and >30% fewer reporting postpartum hemorrhage.”

Our Team


The Foxx Foundation is the dream and creation of Mind Body Birth Wellness and Birthing Centera Licensed Midwife birth and reproductive care center located in DTLA, and known for providing excellent, detailed, and dedicated midwifery care to a diverse client base.

Midwifery care has repeatedly been shown to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity, particularly for marginalized communities.  However, midwifery services are not typically covered well by insurance, and so, can be difficult to afford for those most benefiting from access to care.

Our goal is to generate funding through The Foxx Foundation in order to make midwifery more accessible for each client, and fully stainable for both midwives and team.

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